Emergency Alert Methods

Wake Forest’s approach to communicating in emergencies is based on redundancy, using numerous methods on Reynolda Campus to promptly communicate with faculty, staff and students, as well as parents, the public and news media.

Wake Alert, the University’s emergency notification program, provides information and advisories via a number of communication channels, including the Wake Alert website, text messaging, an outdoor warning system, an indoor warning system, e-mail, Twitter, voice mail and a recorded message on the Wake Forest Weather Line.

Methods for announcing alerts include:

Wake Alert
The University’s Wake Alert website (http://wakealert.wfu.edu) is the primary, go-to source of information on emergencies. It is capable of reaching the immediate campus community, as well as parents, alumni, the general public and the news media.

Outdoor warning system
A Wake Alert message will be broadcast outdoors using speakers that activate a siren and announce a brief prerecorded or live message. Emergency messages announced by the outdoor system will be preceded by a siren. The system also makes all clear announcements at the conclusion of an incident.

Text Messaging
The University will send brief Wake Alert messages to the cell phones of students, faculty and staff registered to receive text messages. Undergraduates must register for the messages by providing their cell phone numbers when they register for classes each fall. Faculty and staff, as well as graduate and professional school students, are encouraged to register. In an emergency, a voice message will be sent to the office phones of faculty and staff members who do not register their mobile devices.

The University will send a Wake Alert message to Wake Forest e-mail addresses of students, staff and faculty.

Wake Alert website announcements will appear on Twitter: http://twitter.com/wakealert/

Voice mail
The University will send a broadcast voice mail to faculty and staff office phones.

Wake Forest will post an alert message on 336.758.5935, which is generally used as a Weather Line for announcing weather-related closings or delays.

Indoor warning system
Some administrative and academic buildings are equipped with indoor alert systems that announce pre-recorded messages, usually.