Police investigating apparent shots fired on Polo Road near campus entrance

The following message was e-mailed to students, faculty and staff on Oct. 26 by Wake Forest Communications and External Relations:

Wake Forest University and Winston-Salem police officers are investigating the apparent discharge of a firearm on Polo Road at 1:04 a.m. tonight, Oct. 26, near the entrance to campus.  No evidence was found of anything or anyone being struck by a bullet.

University Police Department officers in the area heard five gunshots at the time.  They suspect they were fired from a weapon in a vehicle that was being driven on Polo Road past the University, toward University Parkway.

No officers, actually, saw a weapon fired, but they did hear apparent shots fired.  And, an immediate investigation found an empty shell casing in the area.

On Sept. 16, a bullet was fired into a University-owned house on Polo Road, in front of campus.  No one was injured.

Anyone with information that may assist in the investigation is asked to call University Police at 336-758-5591 or the Winston-Salem Police Department at 336-773-7700.